“With a quick wit and and an uncanny ability to analyze situations and connect the dots, I am a digital native with a fondness for languages and foreign countries. Holding a university degree in international management, I have worked abroad as a consultant for many years and currently maintains positions as an innovative business architect, a frequent public speaker, an author, and a digital entrepreneur who helps others establish and grow their businesses.”

“Knowledgeable, adaptive, and ever persistent, I am the type of person who can research strategies and come up with something unique for each complex situation. I am a well-rounded coach who profoundly impacts the success of both small and large businesses, especially when it comes to pragmatic needs and integrating digital technologies into everyday life and business practices.”

“I am known for my incredible depth of knowledge and I am backed by years of experience. As a phenomenal networker, I am constantly interacting with the community around me and would have it no other way. Always learning and seeking to improve my own life, there’s nothing I find more exciting than helping others do the same. I have written eighteen books (and counting) and I am an engaging speaker for various seminars and venues, such as the Somexcloud Switzerland, the Institute for Startups Switzerland, and many other schools across Europe. I have authored a helpful array of books in the fields of economics, productivity, sales management, startups and e-commerce, social media, and digital marketing.”

“Whether it’s through mentoring, speaking, or writing, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and motivating people to expand, improve, and transform their lives and businesses each day. Always overflowing with energy, I am committed to maintaining my own passion and zest for life while inspiring the world around me to do the same.”

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Q&A Tuesday - ich nehme gerne Fragen entgegen via https://t.co/2suli11QFT zu Themen wie #DigitalBusinessModels #DigitalTrends #Tools #DigitalMarketing

Das wir in der Schweiz eine hohe Kaufkraft haben weiss man ja. Aber der Vergleich ist immer wieder imposant #sccon19 Kein Wunder kommen die „Ausländer“ auf allen Wegen in den Markt.

Wer im Ausland unterwegs ist sollte sich definitiv NICHT auf @PostFinance verlassen. Ich weiss nicht wie oft schon deren Banking ein "Problem" hatte und Geld plötzlich verloren ging. Zig Anrufe und Wartenschlaufen später ist man "dran" #fail - ab zu @RevolutApp